Ask most people about netball and they think of school girls in short skirts – how misinformed are they? Close to one million people, of all ages and both sexes, across the globe play netball regularly.

It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 people who regularly play netball in England – and the numbers playing and demand for the sport are rising.

Netball is traditionally seen as a winter sport, the season is the same as that of football and rugby. The demand for netball as an enjoyable accessible game for all levels has resulted in games being played and local leagues starting up across the country, all year round. In’s view there is nothing better than netball games and tournaments played outside on a sunny day no matter what month it i

Not only a great social occasion for those playing but is also an exciting sport for spectators. Not only will you make new friends on court but you can also increase your fitness, develop confidence and enjoy a fast moving, competitive sport.

It is a fantastic team sport that be adapted for corporate team building all you need is ball and bibs for a work based netball team and possibly the cost of league entry. Netball provides an excellent basis for team building, it will also through playing in leagues and tournaments increase recognition of the firm’s name – it’s a perfect advertising opportunity!

The future brings optimism for netball at all levels. As the English national team tour the world and netball tournaments become over-scribed, it is fair to assume that the number of people entering the sport will continue to flourish.