Where can I buy good netball kit and equipment?
If you go to www.netballpost.com’s product review page ( will be avaliable in the new year) you will get up to date information on kit that netballers have tried and recommend.
Netballpost.com will in the future set up links for you to purchase whatever netball kit you need whether for playing, training, umpiring or coaching.

Can men play netball?
Absolutely, there are more and more men’s and mixed netball teams around. It is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone whether they be young or old, male or female. Some of the top girls teams train with men’s netball teams and often it’s the men that win.

Even though netball is deemed as a single sex sport there are hundreds of mixed sex netball teams around. It’s a great way to meet friends of the opposite sex and www.netballpost.com know a C called Alison who has married Alistair a GD. It’s a great sport for men who are often surprised about how fast and skilful netball is whilst at the same time fun!

How do I set up a new team?
See http://www.netballpost.com/starting-new-team.asp

Where can I get DVDs or videos of netball games?
There is definitely a shortage of video copies of great netball games to buy. Keep an eye onwww.englandnetball.co.uk who sometimes has copies of netball games or coaching tips available to buy.

Where can I watch top level netball?
To get tickets to the national league games you can buy them through the team’s websites as below…….
Celtic Dragons –www.welshnetball.co.uk
Leeds Carnegie –www.leedsmet.ac.uk
Loughborough Lightning – www.loughboroughlightning.co.uk
Mavericks – www.mavericksnetball.co.uk
Northern Thunder –www.thundernetball.com
Surrey Storm – www.surreystormnetball.co.uk
Team Bath – www.teambath.com
Team Northumbria – www.sportnorthumbia.com

Sky sports also televise the netball, you will need to check the guides or go to

Are there any courses I can do to learn how to become a netball umpire or coach?
If you contact your local netball county they can let you know which courses are coming up.www.englandnetball.co.uk has a list of the counties.

What are good tournaments my team can go in?
At www.netballpost.com/tournament-reccomendations.asp we try to list the good netball tournaments which you can enter which are run on an annual basis.

Where can I get a rule book to learn the rules?
Netballpost.com’s product review page will show you the find all the information you need.