Social & Competitive

Netball is by nature a competitive sport. Many teams start as a way to keep fit, to meet new friends or to team build: But quickly the wish to win games becomes attractive.Team talks and coaching guidance helps to improve the friendship and tactics of the team.
No great surprise that often these talks take place in netballers’ homes or in a local pub. Many players enjoy the social side of netball as much as the competitive side.
Once a level of netball competence is gained, entry to tournaments across the UK becomes an enjoyable and beneficial way to spend a weekend.
The team sets the level of competitiveness and the level of commitment they require from the team members and by the types of league they decide to enter. The level the team is at in the league may also determine the level of seriousness. Many teams find that as they climb up the divisions their games are taken more seriously.
Netball tournaments are really exciting and fun for you and your team. You can of course have the best of both worlds and play competitively whilst enjoying a great social life from entry into different leagues and tournaments.
Many netball teams enjoy a social life attached to their team with partners and non-netballing friends. Playing netball and an enlivened social life go ‘hand in hand’. The choice of the netball social life is you and your team’s decision but many life long friendships have resulted from netball.