It is assumed that every umpire and coach has a current copy of the England Netball rulebook; why is it then that so few netball players have an up to date copy of the netball rules?

There are official netball rules which can be obtained from many netball product suppliers including England Netball for a small fee. The rules of netball are not just UK netball rules, the rules and regulations have been developed over the years on a global basis to ensure there is a level playing field for netball games played around the world. The netball official rules are the basis for all netball umpires to use to control the netball games they officiate on.

Undoubtedly players familiar with the rules will became better players. It follows that better players and increased familiarity with the rules means less time wasted questioning umpiring decisions and more time in play.

Anyone can buy a set of current rules from England Netball; you do not have to be an affiliated member. We know that even with a set of the current netball rules there will inevitably be questions that need further explanation. The rules forum within Message Board gives everyone a place to discuss rules and get a better understanding of how they should be applied.