All playing surfaces need to be clear and have a surface that is not slippery. A full size court is 100 feet by 50 feet; good courts have enough room around the playing area to allow for players and umpires to move freely. If a court is smaller than these dimensions however, it is not necessarily a problem.

Always check that there is nothing on the sidelines that players, umpires or spectators could trip over such as bags or gym equipment. has seen courts marked with chalk to denote the lines and also seen basketball hoops with backboards used instead of netball posts. This is fine if this is al that is available as players tend to quickly familiarise themselves with the restrictions.

Many courts double as tennis courts or 5-a-side pitches so check that any holes for tennis or football nets are covered and secure. If there has been heavy rain you may need to brush the surplus water off the court.