Launch Message Board


In order for a netball game to take place you need the three basic components – players, umpires and coaches. This is where Message Board can help; You simply post your requirements on the message board, whether you need a GK, coach or to find out where courts or leagues are based. Players, umpires and coaches who have moved to a new area can also use the Board to find new clubs, teams or leagues to join. Short details about yourself can be posted on the site for netball teams to contact you. People can then get in touch – you will never be short of players for lunchtime, night time or weekend game again.


If you come across a netball service, hear of a tournament or anything else to do with netball that may be of interest to other netball enthusiasts share it with like minded readers on netballpost.comput the details up for all to share. Think of it as a netball network or agency. Simply post up your e-mail address – not your phone number or address. Messages that are time sensitive or inappropriate will be removed so you can be sure that you will not be contacted unnecessarily. The site is secure; we will never pass on your e-mail or any other details.


It may well be that you want somebody to help you start a team, set up a league, help organise a tournament. The network of contacts may be able to help find the person you are looking for. It may well be that you want to start umpiring or coaching and you are not yet affiliated, the mentoring scheme can help find you a person to help teach you the basics or even help you increase you existing skill level.