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Where can I buy good netball kit and equipment?
If you go to’s product review page ( will be avaliable in the new year) you will get up to date information on kit that netballers have tried and recommend. will in the future set up links for you to purchase whatever netball kit you need whether for playing, training, umpiring or coaching.

Can men play netball?
Absolutely, there are more and more men’s and mixed netball teams around. It is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone whether they be young or old, male or female. Some of the top girls teams train with men’s netball teams and often it’s the men that win.

Even though netball is deemed as a single sex sport there are hundreds of mixed sex netball teams around. It’s a great way to meet friends of the opposite sex and know a C called Alison who has married Alistair a GD. It’s a great sport for men who are often surprised about how fast and skilful netball is whilst at the same time fun!

How do I set up a new team?

Where can I get DVDs or videos of netball games?
There is definitely a shortage of video copies of great netball games to buy. Keep an eye who sometimes has copies of netball games or coaching tips available to buy.

Where can I watch top level netball?
To get tickets to the national league games you can buy them through the team’s websites as below…….
Celtic Dragons –
Leeds Carnegie –
Loughborough Lightning –
Mavericks –
Northern Thunder –
Surrey Storm –
Team Bath –
Team Northumbria –

Sky sports also televise the netball, you will need to check the guides or go to

Are there any courses I can do to learn how to become a netball umpire or coach?
If you contact your local netball county they can let you know which courses are coming has a list of the counties.

What are good tournaments my team can go in?
At we try to list the good netball tournaments which you can enter which are run on an annual basis.

Where can I get a rule book to learn the rules?’s product review page will show you the find all the information you need.

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About us


Kim North co-founder:

Kim started playing netball at age 11 eventually progressing through the ranks to play WD forMerseyside County in her early twenties. During this time she became a prelimary umpire. In 1996 Kim gained her B Award for umpiring and has passed her A theory umpiring paper. She is a Middlesex umpire mentor and tester.

She has helped set up and run netball leagues inLondon. Her enthusiasm, absolute passion for the game has been influential in bringing more and more players, umpires and coaches into netball over the years and has become a successful netball mentor helping others.

She has played for clubs in Surrey, Middlesex, Merseyside and Essex Met. She is currently head coach and umpire for the Cumberland London & South East region team based in central London. She also plays for in two leagues.
In her spare time she has been named as one of the most influential people working in the financial services industry, she writes a regular newspaper column and has provided consultancy to over 100 financial service companies including Microsoft and Marks & Spencer.


Rose McCarter co-founder:

Rose burst into the world of netball when she started a works based team called Synergy.

Synergy quickly moved from the lower divisions to the top and Rose was praised as leading the most improved team. Synergy entered the UK Corporate Games in Newcastle and Manchester and went on netball tour to Pontins in Prestatyn and Hemsby.

She is passionate about netball and plays many positions. Rose has played for a number of netball teams in the Essex Met and Middlesex leagues. She is a B award umpire working towards A having passed the A theory paper and has umpired England players and National Talent games. She is also a Assistant Level One Coach
She is a captain at Cumberland, social secretary and umpiring secretary which is no mean feat with over 80 players within the club. Her team plays in the Middlesex and North London league and everyone seems to know who Rose is due to her passion for netball.
When she has any spare time Rose enjoys snowboarding, running and quality white wine. Rose runs her own successful London based recruitment company recruiting seen at

aboutus-robRob Hamilton business adviser:
After working as a nurse in Glasgow for some years, Rob moved to London as an IT consultant. He got interested in netball after a colleague asked in desperation if could play in a mixed netball team at lunchtime. When during his first game as Goal Keeper Rob asked what he should do, he was told to “jump up and down”; he did in a pair of deck shoes and later wondered why his knees hurt!

Rob soon caught the netball bug and started playing nearly every day either in the evening, lunchtime or both in London. He set up his own team called the Untouchables that quickly became champions of the LK Evening City league and took over the organisation of the City of London League, an 8 division league that plays at lunch times. He runs the team which is current top of division one in the Old Street league.

Rob is an A award umpire and past Middlesex umpiring secretary.

Alicia Cross Netball Consultant:
The Austrailian Alicia Cross (known as Scoot) started playing netball at the age of 6. Originally from a small town in South Australia, from age 14 her parents drove her 2 hours each way to Adelaide to play netball. Alicia played for Garville Netball Club playing at the top level for her age before switching clubs to the Adelaide Cougars who she represented at State League level (which is a higher level then the UK county level).

Whilst in the UK she worked with Premier Training to become a qualified Gym Instructor and Nutritional Adviser.

Currently playing for Cumberland Netball club in Camden London, she has never enjoyed her netball more. Whilst the netball is at a high level, a beer or glass of wine is standard after games. She also plays mixed social netball for MNA and fills in regularly in the London City leagues.

Alicia is currently working with to increase the knowledge of netball in England and in Australia. She hopes to raise the profile with both men and woman, young and old as it is a fun and exciting game that is starting to receive the profile it deserves. Advisers
Our thanks for advice and support from:

Sarah Cadden – marketing supremo
Helen Abbott – legal eagle
Victoria Man – for her big heart and time
David Field – for his drive and vision
Marie Eyre – for her genius editing


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Netball Know the Game 4th Edition

Providing the key rules & regulations about netball this book also describes the games core skills, drills and tactics, describes how to score and umpire.
It also has helpful reviews of the latest in new equipment.

RRP: £4.99 at

Netball Books with

Various prices at

Netball Heroes

Liz Ellis, champion player and captain of the Australian netball team reveals the inside stories, highlights and hardships of 30 netball heroes. This book enables its readers to discover how players overcame injury and selection setbacks, to step into an umpire’s shoes and get courtside with the coaches.

brIt shows pictures of elite athletes in full flight – even letting you take a peek at pictures from their past. It has good tips on nutrition, training and performing under pressure.
RRP: £8.99 at

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History of netball


The origins of netball can be traced back to basketball. The students of Madame Osterberg’s college of physical training in London’s Hampstead were first introduced to netball in 1895.The game was known as women’s basketball – there were no printed rules, no court lines, circles or boundaries and the goals were simple baskets hung on the walls. Over the next 2 years the English students added rings and divided the court into 3 equal playing areas; in 1901 the first rules were published in England. From that point on schoolteachers started to introduce the game to children across the British Empire.


In 1924 the London and Home Counties Netball Federation was established, it intended to set itself up as the first national association for the sport. Two years later the All England Women’s Netball Association was formed; at this time over 10,000 rule books were in circulation. In 1932 the first All England Inter County Tournament was won by Essex. The first radio commentary of a netball game was broadcast in 1947 with the first international matches for England against Scotland and Wales played in 1949.In1956 England’s first touring team of ten players, who had to pay their own airfares, took four days to fly in a two-engined Viking aircraft to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. The tour was a great success with England winning all its games. Televised games followed, as interest increased new rules governing international play were introduced to bring consistency to the world game, up to that point for example, New Zealand played with 9 players!

The 1960’s

In 1963 the All England Netball Association (AENA) held the first World Netball Tournament. Eleven countries took part with Australia emerging victorious beating New Zealand to second place; England took third. Netball had finally graduated from the school playgrounds and was recognised as an exciting world sport.

In England the first National Clubs Tournament took place in 1966 the event was sponsored by Woman magazine. AENA’s development team planned to encourage more people to play, coach and umpire at all levels across Europe. In 1968 Middlesex became the first county to win both Senior and Junior County Championships; a record 25,000 rulebooks were sold during the year.

The 1970’s and 1980’s

In 1973 ATV filmed the final of The National Clubs Tournament where Sudbury (Middlesex) beat Linden ( Birmingham). In 1980 AENA became a member of the British Olympic Association. In 1983 during the 6 th Netball World Championships in Singapore femininity and drug tests were introduced for the first time, that year England finished in 4 th place.

By 1984 the corporate world had realised the potential benefits of netball with Barclays Bank sponsoring the National Youth Tournament for the first time. This started a trend with the brewers of Fosters draught lager sponsoring the Inter County Championship and the Butter Information Council sponsoring the National Clubs Tournament.

By 1989, six Netball Centres of Excellence sponsored by Evian were opened, in the same year the Daily Telegraph sponsored and Channel 4 broadcast the Netball Challenge Cup for the top 4 county teams; Birmingham beat Essex Met to first place, Hertfordshire and Surrey were runners up. Individual affiliation to AENA jumped to 44,000.

The 1990’s

In 1995 the 9th World Championships were held in Birmingham, a record 27 countries competed. The Commonwealth Games included netball for the first time in 1998 with England winning the bronze medal.

Further information at Ask them for more recent info.

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